Only Wolves DAO

The community of verified holders who are rewarded handsomely for their support 🔥

What's the purpose of “Only Wolves DAO”?

Only Wolves DAO supports every aspect of the Solana ecesystem and the broader Web3. Members gain access to the Den features and are rewarded in a number of ways.

Where does Only Wolves DAO get its funding?

Ongoing credit rewards:
  • 10% of the NFT royalty fees go to the DAO.

What's the DAO wallet address?

  • 4AUE2FTUBo35jwo1Cz3ErvzZPVS7PFCxDP88d2BwJVyW

What does Only Wolves DAO do with its funds?

  • All funds in the DAO are used 100% to contribute back to the community
  • 100% of the ongoing rewards are used to acquire treasury assets and organise community activities to drive the value of the NFT (e.g. IRL events, workshops, scholarships, etc.)

How do I join the Only Wolves DAO?

Buy '' Only Wolves '' NFT -> https://magiceden.io/marketplace/only_wolves​

Who's responsible for the decisions made by OW DAO?

  • Founders & community leaders - The founders & team have a proven track record and all details on the team are transparent.