🎁Only Wolves DAO

The community of verified holders who are rewarded handsomely for their support πŸ”₯

What's the purpose of β€œOnly Wolves DAO”?

Only Wolves DAO supports every aspect of the Solana ecesystem and the broader Web3. Members gain access to the Den features and are rewarded in a number of ways.

Where does Only Wolves DAO get its funding?

Ongoing credit rewards:

  • 10% of the NFT royalty fees go to the DAO.

What's the DAO wallet address?

  • 4AUE2FTUBo35jwo1Cz3ErvzZPVS7PFCxDP88d2BwJVyW

What does Only Wolves DAO do with its funds?

  • All funds in the DAO are used 100% to contribute back to the community

  • 100% of the ongoing rewards are used to acquire treasury assets and organise community activities to drive the value of the NFT (e.g. IRL events, workshops, scholarships, etc.)

How do I join the Only Wolves DAO?

Buy '' Only Wolves '' NFT -> https://magiceden.io/marketplace/only_wolves

Who's responsible for the decisions made by OW DAO?

  • Founders & community leaders - The founders & team have a proven track record and all details on the team are transparent.

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