Holder Benefits

List of services exclusive to Only Wolves NFT holders.
Holder Benefits have different meanings to different people. Here's a list of what we consider as benefits:
  1. 1.
    NFT STAKING - The higher amount of Only Wolves NFTs you stake more $OW Tokens you get!
2. Exclussive access to Discord chat & roles:
Discord Holder roles:
  • Only Wolf - Hold OR Stake Your Only Wolves NFT
3. Access to the Premium Raffles within our Discord
4. 50% Music NFT Marketplace FEES redistirbution to Only Wolves NFT holders. (More NFTs you HOLD or STAKE = Bigger the amount of $SOL from the marketplace sales you'll be eligible to claim from the -> HOLDER FEES pool)
5. Access to Engage To Earn exclusive Quests in our Discord!
6. FREE Comic book NFT drop featuring full story of Only Wolves!
7. Access to redeem $OW Tokens from Only Wolves Enage To Earn Store (Discord)
8. Access to the Only Wolves DAO Reward system!
9. Premium Whitelist opportunities for verified NFT mints.
10. 50% discount on the Only Music NFT mint. (Hold at least 1 NFT to gain a discount)